Automotive Firsts  1898 -1950

1898—the first truck, a Winton.

1907—First International Harvester.

1908—First Model T Ford.

1910—First White gasoline-powered truck; first American La- France fire engine.

1911—First Diamond T.

1912—First Brockway; first FWD.

1915—First Kenworth.

1916—First Mack AC chain-drive Bulldog; Goodyear demonstrates pneumatic tires. The
big changeover is near.

1917—First Model T Ford truck; first Dodge truck.

1929—Timken introduces tandem drive axles.

1930—International Harvester uses “removable” cylinders; presumably the first production

1931—First Cummins diesel for truck use; American LaFrance introduces 245-hp V-12

1932—White develops pancake 811 cu in. 12-cylinder underfloor bus engine.

1936—First walk-in body built by Metropolitan Body Co.

1938—First Detroit Diesel two-cycle engines.

1939—First Peterbilt truck.

1940—First Freightliner built by Consolidated Freightways in Portland, Ore. shop.

1945—First Cummins NH Series high-speed truck diesel.

1949—First production tilt-cab, the White 3000 series COE.